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Past Events 2013



  • March 11-13, 2013 OCIP2013, Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems, TU Munich, Germany, see, Abstract Submission by Jan 15, 2013!
  • March 18-21, 2013, UCL, London. To celebrate the opening of the UCL Centre for Inverse Problems we are holding a workshop from 18-21 March 2013 at University College London. The workshop schedule is available at If you would like to attend the workshop please register at
  • March 19, 2013, University of Leeds: British Inverse Problems Workshop. Please contact Professor Daniel Lesnic, FIMA, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK. e-mail:,


  • April 8-11, 2013 Workshop Inverse Problems: Scattering, Tomography and Parameter Identification, Bad Herrenalb, Germany, 8–11 April 2013, The conference is organized on the occasion of Andreas' Kirsch 60th birthday.

Workshop Bad Herrenalb honoring Andreas Kirsch

  • April 24-27, 2013, Rzeszow – Baranow Sandomierski, Poland. 3rd International ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Inverse Problems in Mechanics of Structures and Materials, IPM 2013


img001500.jpg img004500.jpg img005500.jpg img006500.jpg
KAUST Workshop on Multiscale Modeling, Simulation and Inversion

  • May 9-11, 2013 Orlando, Florida: Computational Analysis of Inverse Problems and Partial Differential Equations”, dedicated to John Cannon and Zuhair Nashed,
  • May 13-15, 2013 Offenbach, Germany, 10th International SRNWP-Workshop on Nonhydrostatic Modelling, with sessions on data assimilation using radar and satellite data, see, Abstract Submission by Feb 15, 2013!
  • May 27 - 30, 2013, Tartu, Estonia, The 18th International Conference “Mathematical Modelling and Analysis” with Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems as particular Topic:


  • June 3-14, 2013 2013; Maryland, USA: Interdisciplinary Summer School: Data Assimilation in Geosciences, Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics & Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling,

HITEC Cologne

  • June 24-28: Brisbane, Australia: 6th Sasaki Symposium on Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Hydrological Applications to be held in the AOGS, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia. For see
  • June 24-28: Rome, Italy: INDAM Workshop on “Mathematical Paradigms of Climate Science” Interaction between climate scientists and mathematicians that are active in various fields of interest for climate science, such as dynamical systems, partial differential equations, control theory, stochastic systems, and numerical analysis.
  • June 25-28: Toulouse, France: 2nd International Conference Energy & Meteorology, Forecasting of Energy Supply today needs data assimilation methods in the area of atmospheric processes.


  • July 1-4, 2013, Madrid. 7th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and xperimenting, ACE-X 2013 See It includes a session on SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION AND IMAGING PROCESSING (SS11), Remote sensing, Radar and synthetic aperture imaging, Astronomy and Geology Imaging, Thermal imaging etc.
  • July 1-5, 2013, University of Exeter, UK. This is the first conference of CliMathNet, an EPSRC-funded network that aims to break down barriers between researchers in Mathematics, Statistics and Climate Sciences, in particular Uncertainty Quantification and Risk Analysis in Climate Models.
  • July 8-12, 2013, Davos, Switzerland: B1 Data assimilation and ensemble forecasting for weather, climate and air quality as part of the Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly 2013 (Air, Ice & Process Interactions), Abstract Submission by Jan 31, 2013
  • July 10-12, 2013, Reading, UK: NCOF (National Centre for Ocean Forecasting) workshop, starting on the afternoon of the 10th, including a session about data assimilation for ocean science. Infos from

Reading Summer School on Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems

  • July 22-26, 2013. University of Reading, UK: Summer School and Creative Workshop on Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems - from Weather Prediction to Neuroscience. See Webpage
  • July 26-28, 2013, Nanjing, China: The International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (RSETE2013),
  • July 29 - Aug 2, 2013, Delaware: University of Delaware, Newark DE, USA: International Conference on Novel Directions in Inverse Scattering, Honoring Prof. David Colton, see


  • Aug 1-3, 2013: Guanajuato, MEXICO. International Workshop on Statistical and Computational Methods for Inverse Problems arising in (O, P or S) Differential Equations. 1-3 August 2013, CIMAT.
  • August 5-9, 2013, Krakow: Isaac Congress, sessions on integral transforms also notes Tikhonov Regularization, another session on medical mathematics includes medical topics
  • Aug 22-Dec 20: Programme “Theoretical Foundations of Big Data Analysis”. The organizers of this program are Michael Jordan (chair), Boyd, Peter Buehlmann, Ravi Kannan, Michael Mahoney, and Muthu Muthukrishnan. See for more information.
  • August 26-30, 2013, Rennes, France: Singular Days, This time, the event is “augmented” through its extension to integral equations and electromagnetism, celebrating Martin Costabel's 65th birthday.
  • August 26-30, 2013, Rennes, France: Singular Days, This time, the event is “augmented” through its extension to integral equations and electromagnetism, celebrating Martin Costabel's 65th birthday.


  • Sept 2-6, 2013, Sibiu, Romania COSMO General Meeting, the annual meeting of the Consortium for Small Scale Modelling in Numerical Weather Prediction (Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland), which has a 1 1/2 day data assimilation component,

COSMO General Meeting in Sibiu, Romania

  • Sept 4-6, 2013, Trieste, Italy, 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2013),
  • Sept 9-11, 2013. The Aachen Conference on Computational Engineering Science (AC.CES) will take place from September 09-11, 2013 at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Includes sessions on imaging/tomographic inversion.
  • Sept 9-13, 2013, Torino, Italy: ICEAA 2013 - IEEE APWC 2013 - EMS 2013 The fifteenth edition of the International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA 2013)
  • Sept 16-20, 2013, Italy, The 12th International Summer School on Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ISSAOS) 2013: WEATHER FORECASTING: FROM THE SCIENCE TO THE PUBLIC,
  • Sept 25-28, 2013, Seville (Spain): Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2013),, includes sessions on Biomedical Signal Processing and Biomedical Imaging and Processing


  • Oct 6-9, 2013, Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga South Africa, SAGA 13th biennial conference, 6th International AEM 2013, - including many inverse problems in geophysics and electrodynamics!,
  • Oct 7-9, 2013, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 10th International Conference on Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control with Applications to Industrial and Societal Problems – EUROGEN 2013,

WMO Symposium on Data Assimilation Oct 7-11, 2013 at the University of Maryland, USA

  • Oct 10-Nov 7, 2013, NAFEMS Structural Optimization in FE Analysis e-Learning Course, webpage
  • Oct 16-17, 2013, MetOffice, UK, Statistical methods for understanding and reducing uncertainty in process-based models of the Earth system Website


  • Nov 4-8, 2013, Huatulco, Oaxaca, México: 3rd International Conference “Waves in Science and Engineering - WIS&E 2013”, see
  • Nov 7-9, 2013, Vilamoura, Portugal, International Conference on Health Informatics (ICHI), - with sessions on biomedical imaging, photo-acoustic imaging, information fusion, data mining and more relevant to the inverse problems and data assimilation community
  • Nov 11-13, 2013, Offenbach, Germany: ESA Cloud CCI – Final Meeting Phase 1, part of CM-SAF, Agenda, among others on “optimal estimation theory for cloud retrieval”
  • Nov 15-21, 2013, San Diego, CA, Inverse Problems and Optimization in Heat Transfer, ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, under Track 9 and Topic 9-17. Please indicate “Inverse Analysis and Optimization” prominently on the abstract.
  • Nov 25-27, 2013, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, International Conference on Robotics, Biomimetics, & Intelligent Computational Systems,


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