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German Research Groups in Inverse Problems, Data Assimilation and Related Areas

Applied Mathematics Researchers/Research Groups working on Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation

  1. PD Dr. Tilo Arens, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Webpage
  2. Prof. Dr. Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, University of Bremen, Webpage
  3. Prof. Dr. Martin Burger, University of Münster Webpage
  4. Prof. Dr. Herbert Egger, Darmstadt, Webpage
  5. Prof. Dr. Roland Griesmaier, University of Leipzig Webpage
  6. Prof. Dr. Martin Hanke, University of Mainz Webpage
  7. Prof. Dr. Bastian von Harrach, University of Stuttgart Webpage
  8. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hömberg, WIAS Berlin, Webpage
  9. Prof. Dr. Bernd Hofmann, University of Chemnitz Webpage
  10. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage, University of Göttingen Webpage
  11. Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirsch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Webpage
  12. Prof. Dr. Rainer Kreß, University of Göttingen Webpage
  13. PD. Dr. Frank Hettlich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Webpage
  14. Prof. Dr. Armin Lechleiter, Bremen University Webpage
  15. Prof. Dr. Dirk Lorenz in Braunschweig, Webpage
  16. Prof. Dr. Alfred Louis, University of Saarland Webpage
  17. Prof. Dr. Peter Maaß, University of Bremen, Head Center for Techno-Mathematics Webpage
  18. Prof. Dr. Roland Potthast, Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD, Offenbach, Webpage, University of Reading and University of Göttingen
  19. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Reich, University of Potsdam, Webpage and University of Reading, UK
  20. Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster, University of Saarland, Webpage
  21. Prof. Dr. Volker Michel, Siegen Webpage
  22. Prof. Dr. Boris Vexler, Technical University of Munich, Webpage

Applied Groups in Meteorology, Geoscience, Physics and Engineering

  1. Prof. Dr. George Craig, LMU Munich Webpage
  2. PD. Dr. Hendrik Elbern, Research Center Jülich Webpage
  3. Prof. Dr. Andreas Hense, University of Bonn, Webpage
  4. Dr. Tijana Janjic-Pfander, LMU Munich / DWD Webpage
  5. Dr. Lars Nerger, Alfred Wegner Institute AWI Webpage
  6. Prof. Dr. Emil Stanev, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Webpage
  7. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gerd Teschke, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Geoinformatics, Geodesy and Civil Engineering, University of the Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg, Webpage
  8. Dr. Martin Weissmann, LMU MUnich Webpage
  9. Prof. Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart Webpage

If you are interested in Inverse Problems or Data Assimilation and want to be included in this list, please send us an email!

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