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4th International Conference on Neural Field Theory (ICNFT)
- The Interplay of Models and Data Assimilation

Previous Events

Reading Summer School on Data Assimilation 2013: From Weather Forecasting to Neuroscience; Images from the 3rd ICNFT conference

July 3-5, 2017, University of Reading, United Kingdom.

General Information

Abstract Submission, Registration and Posters Deadline April 15! There will be a “one slide, 3 minutes” speed presentation session. Contributions welcome: ICNFT2017_Registration. Registered participants can be found at icnft2017_registrations.

Travel Planning and Accomodation Options see below!

Organizers: Roland Potthast, Axel Hutt, Stephen Coombes, Ingo Bojak, Peter beim Graben, Douglas Saddy and Ingeborg Lasser.

Book Neural Fields


Neural Mass Modeling and Neural Field Theory is a growing and very active area of research with important applications in medicine and technology. Activities range from the simulation of neural populations to the analysis of neural field equations, from neural modeling of cognitive and psychological processes to controlling artificial devices.

The connection between these models and measurement data, including large-scale data assimilation tasks, is of high interest to many researchers and a key challenge to move into real-world applications. The integration of models with data assimilation is a core milestone of systems to achieve a high-quality forecast skill. The 4th ICNFT includes a tutorial afternoon with introduction to theory and practice of data assimilation by leading experts in the field.

Book Data Assimilation

The community includes researchers from medicine, psychology, physics, mathematics and engineering. The International Conferences on Neural Field Theory at the University of Reading contribute to the further development and shaping of this community by bringing together well-known and young researchers. Ideas from different fields meet here in a truly interdisciplinary and inspiring environment.

Inverse Modeling Prediction Framework
[1] Model Hierarchy & Numerics
[2] Measurement Data & QC
[3] Observation Operators
[4] Analysis Technique and 
    Uncertainty Estimation
[5] Data Assimilation Cycle
[6] Prediction
[7] Verifikation

The 4th International Conference on Neural Field Theory is following a highly successful series of conferences which took place in 2010, 2012, and 2014, e.g. Confirmed speaker for this conference include the well-known colleagues listed below.

Invited Speakers

Keynote Talks

John Spencer, East Anglia U (confirmed)
W James Rankin, Exeter U (confirmed)
Basab Sen Bhattacharya, Manchester U (confirmed)
Timothy Sauer, George Mason University (confirmed)
Rosalyn Moran, U Bristol (confirmed)
David Grayden, U Melbourne (confirmed)
Estela Bicho Erlhagen, U of Minho (confirmed)
Dietmar Heinke, U Birmingham (confirmed)

Tutorials by:

Stephen Coombes, University of Nottingham (confirmed)
Ingo Bojak, University of Reading (confirmed)
Roland Potthast, DWD/Uni Reading (confirmed)
Axel Hutt, DWD/Uni Reading (confirmed)

Detailed Programme


Time: Start–End Monday
Measurement and Data
09.00-09.15 Welcome Announcements Announcements
09.15-10.00 James Rankin (invited) Rosalyn Moran (invited) David Graden (invited)
10.15-10.45 Alexander Ziebke Peter beim Graben Vassilis Cutsuridis
10.45-11.30 John Spencer (invited) Dietmar Heinke (invited) Ingo Bojak
Babatunde Odunuga
11.45-12.15 Arkady Pikovsky Jehan Alswaihli Axel Hutt
12.15-14.00 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14.00-14.45 Tim Sauer (invited) Stephen Coombes: Tutorial on
Neural Field Theory
Piotr Slovinski
Aytul Gokce
15.00-15.45 Stephen Coombes Ingo Bojak: Tutorial on
Computational Neural Field Models
Basab Sen Bhattacharya (invited)
Hossein Mohammadi
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Closing of Conference
16.30-17.15 Estela Bicho-Erlhagen (invited) Roland Potthast: Tutorial on
Data Assimilation Basics
17.15-18.00 1-Slide Forum Axel Hutt: Tutorial on
Hands-On Data Assimilation
From 18.00 Icebreaker & Poster Session in CINN

Lunches, Coffee, Fees

  • Fee for Participants GBP 45,-. Lunches and Coffee will be provided. Please register at ICNFT2017_Registration.
  • Poster contributions welcome!
  • There will be an icebreaker Monday, July 3 at 6pm in the CINN reception area, see image on the left.

Location and Travel Planning

The conference takes place in the Nike Theatre, Agriculture building, on Whiteknights Campus, close to Early Gate.

Reading Wikipedia is the main business centre west of Central London reachable by train in about 30 minutes from London Paddington.

From Heathrow International Airport, there are busses directly to Reading Station every 20min, travel time is 45 minutes.

The University of Reading is located south of Reading town centre, compare image on the right-hand side or Google Map. There are buses line 20 and 21 Map PDF going several times an hour, compare

In Reading, there are various hotels and guest houses. You might want to stay in the town centre, then look at the following possibilities Hotels Reading Town Centre. Cheaper hotels and guest houses close to the university can be found for example on Cheaper hotels close to campus.

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