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Inverse Problems International Association (IPIA)

Inverse Problems International Association supports research and exchange in the field of inverse problems, data assimilation, medical imaging and remote sensing.

Activities include the Calderon Price, the Applied Inverse Problems Conference Series and a web platform to exchange material and ideas …

The society has evolved from an initiative of Gunther Uhlmann on a conference in Japan in 2007, which was was positively received by many other researchers in the month after the conference. A web platform has been set up by Roland Potthast. After many discussions in the community first elections have been held in 2010, They were organized by a committee of senior colleagues, chaired by William Rundell from Texas A&M University. The first president of the society is Gunther Uhlmann, with Masahiro Yamamote and Ottmar Scherzer as vice presidents. Further members of the steering committee are Liliana Borcea, Jin Cheng, Matti Lassas and Roland Potthast.

The applied inverse problems conferences in Vienna (2009) and Cellege Station, Texas (2011) have been the first two conferences of IPIA. Calderon Price was awarded to Matti Lassa in 2007, Martin Burger in 2009 and Guillaume Bal in 2011.

Since 2011 the society is moving forward with several services which are beneficial to the community. To this end an online material repository with discussion areas is being set up. Registration is possible online at the IPIA web platform or via email to

Registration to IPIA is possible here.

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