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-[[Start]] | [[Topics]] | [[Events]] | [[News]] | [[Researchers and Groups]] ​ | [[Journals]] | [[Inverse Problems International Association |IPIA]] | [[MISC|Science by Images]] | [[http://​​forum|Forum]]+[[Start]] | [[Inverse Blog]] | [[Topics]] | [[Events]] | [[News]] | [[Researchers and Groups]] ​ | [[Journals]] | [[Inverse Problems International Association |IPIA]] | [[MISC|Science by Images]] ​
 ====== Journals in IP/DA and News/​Remarks on Publications ====== ====== Journals in IP/DA and News/​Remarks on Publications ======
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   * Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems http://​​view/​j/​jiip   * Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems http://​​view/​j/​jiip
 +==== Topical Issue on Hybrid Imaging and Image Fusion ====
 +Jan 7, 2014.  **Call for Papers**
 +Image fusion is the image processing technique through which multiple images from the same or complementary modalities are combined into a single image. ​ Examples include the fusion of X-ray CT and PET images, the combination of Landsat and Panchromatic images, and the creation of spectral optical images. A current research frontier is the integration of multiple modalities to create a hybrid imaging system, such as the PET/CT, PET/MRI, DOT/MRI and DOT/CT systems. This development provides not only an improvement of imaging performance but also the opportunity for image fusion with higher performance. More importantly,​ it calls for advanced image reconstruction methods that take advantage of the coupled multi-physics underlying the hybrid imaging processes. With synergies among different modalities, image quality can be enhanced by combining the reconstruction algorithms for individual modalities such as with appropriate regularization terms.
 +This topical issue is focused on but not limited to the following topics:
 +• Design and implementation of hybrid imaging techniques and systems
 +• Image reconstruction methods for hybrid imaging systems
 +• Image fusion methods for hybrid imaging systems
 +We invite submissions of full papers and short correspondences as related to theoretical analysis, algorithm design, system development,​ and performance assessment. Papers on feasibility of futuristic imaging modalities are also welcome.
 +Authors should submit their manuscripts through the online Manuscript Tracking System at http://​​ssta,​ indicate that they are for this special issue, and choose one of the guest editors to handle their manuscripts. Authors are encouraged to discuss with a guest editor to determine the suitability of their intended contributions.
 +Guest Editors
 +Ming Jiang, Peking University, China
 +Simon Arridge, University College London, UK
 +Shutao Li, Hunan University, China
 +Ge Wang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
 +Submission Guidelines
 +For author guidelines and submission details please see http://​​journal/​11220
 +Submission Deadline: March 31 2014.
 ==== Invisible in the Storm: The Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather ==== ==== Invisible in the Storm: The Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather ====
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