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 Some of our older headers tell stories about inverse problems and data assimilation. ​ Some of our older headers tell stories about inverse problems and data assimilation. ​
 +{{header034.png}} ​
 +Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design (V&A London Nov 2016). ​
 +Art and science do not need to live on different planets. Today, much art needs and is based on science,
 +and science includes elements of beauty, elements of art, elements of creativity! The mathematician
 +or physicist or biologist needs creativity which is close to those of the artists, and where ever
 +the different worlds inspire each other, we find us in a stream of deep progress and change. ​
 +{{header033.png}} ​
 +Today, there are 14 centers worldwide which run operational global numerical weather prediction. These
 +models have a quite different setup and structure, with spectral or finite element type of approaches for
 +the simulation of the atmosphere and with different variational or ensemble data assimilation methods
 +run to determine the current state of the atmosphere through the so-called "data assimilation cycle"​. ​
 +We show prediction scores for global Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) competing with each other to
 +get the most acurate description of the planetary atmosphere, its uncertainty and future development. ​
 {{header032.png}} ​ {{header032.png}} ​
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