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News and Stories on Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation, Remote Sensing and Imaging

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Organiser: M. Branicki (Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, UK)
Organising committee : M. Branicki, D. Duncan (Heriot-Watt, UK), K. Law (Manchester, UK)
Location: International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, UK (
Date and duration: 4-5 June, 2018 Participants: 15 international/UK researchers + local faculty

Summary. The aim of the workshop is to gather researchers interested in the recent developments in variational analysis and data assimilation for nonlocal di↵usion problems given by linear integro-di↵erential equations on bounded domains. The nonlocal operators associated with such problems arise in many applications ranging from continuum mechanics to graph theory; a topical application area is crack nucleation and propagation which is increasingly important for understanding and modelling the large-scale dynamics of sea ice in the Arctic. The workshop will focus on a set of intertwined issues ranging from the numerical modelling of integro-di↵erential systems under uncertainty, to well-posedness of local and nonlocal operators with random parameters, to (Lagrangian-type) data assimilation on the nodes time-dependent random graphs. In the presence of model uncertainties a number of important problems need to be addressed:

(i) Appropriate (stochastic) parameterisation the underlying integral operators.

(ii) Choice of the necessary data-adapted discretisation for approximating time-dependent models for crack propagation and their capture.

(iii) Aiding the procedures in (i)-(ii) via Bayesian data assimilation and appropriate Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), and Multi Level Sequential Monte Carlo sampling (MLSMC).

(iv) Derivation of criteria for stability, accuracy and quantification of uncertainty due to the parameterisation and/or the necessary discretisation of nonlocal problems. It is expected that this workshop will serve as a nucleus for developing new research directions and collaborations in the area of modelling and prediction of non-local dynamical problems which fall into the large class of anomalous di↵usion problems driven by dynamic streams of data.

Workshop on Particle Methods and Data Assimilation

May 8-10, 2018. Workshop on Particle Methods and Data Assimilation Posted April 10, 2018 by Anna Radomska & filed under Events, News.

Venue: Imperial College London, ICSM Building, EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training hub, Room 402, Level 4 North

Date: Tuesday 8th May 2018 – Thursday 10th May 2018

Summary: The workshop aims to cover aspects of particle methods and data assimilation. This includes theory, methodology and applications. The aim to bridge gaps in understanding of the properties of popular methods and to address the fundamental challenge of designing effective particle methods for high dimensional data assimilation problems.

Organising/Scientific Committee: Colin Cotter, Dan Crisan, Nikolas Kantas and Darryl Holm

Registration: please register.

Schedule: the event’s programme can be downloaded here. The talks tittles/abstracts are available here.

The workshop is partially funded by the EPSRC grant EP/N023781/1 entitled ”Variational principles for stochastic parameterizations in geophysical fluid dynamics” (PI Darryl Holm) and an ICL Dept. of Mathematics Platform grant (PI Nikolas Kantas).

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