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News Archive 2012/2

A chronological list of workshops and conferences can be found at events! New Positions are announced under Researchers and Groups.

Dec 29, 2012: New Forum for Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation

A new forum has now been created at for exchange and discussions about specific topics in inverse problems and data assimilation. We expect this forum to fill itself step by step with questions and contributions of researchers and students. We will use the discussions to collect material and merge it into the wiki and content related pages on

Dec 23, 2012: Tikhonov Regularization

Our Article about the famous Tikhonov Regularization provides three equivalent approaches to understand how regularization works. The first approach considers Tikhonov regularization as a stabilization of an operator inverse. The second aproach employs stabilization of a least squares minimization functional by adding an additional constraint. The third approach studies spectral damping on the singular values of the operator under consideration.

Diffraction Days 2013 in St. Petersburg

Days on Diffraction - 2013 will be the five-day Conference, 27 – 31 May, 2013. Venue for the first four days is St. Petersburg Branch of the Steklov' Mathematical Institute. Parallel sessions will be organized there, the time slot for each presentation is 15 or 30 minutes (total amount of presentations is expected to exceed 150). Last day Conference moves to the Institute on Physics at the University campus (transportation for participants will be provided) and is devoted to the plenary sessions (consisting of 40–50 minutes lectures) and to the poster presentations. For more information see

Nov 26, 2012: Lecturer on Inverse Problems in Manchester

The advert has now been approved and the deadline for applications will be 21st December. We are open to applications from people working in any area of theoretical or applied inverse problems. The official advertisement will appear after a short period in which it is advertised internally. Please pass on to anyone who you think may be interested, especially promising people near the beginning of their career looking for their first permanent position. Informal queries to me. Bill Lionheart

Oct 21-26, 2012 Nanjing International Conference on Inverse Problems

The International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics 2012 is taking place at the Department of Mathematics, Southeast University, Nanjing, China.

The background of this series of conferences can be casted back to 2002. To extend a stronger collaboration link among the universities of Asia-Pacific regions and worldwide leading researchers in inverse problems, a first international conference on inverse problems was held at City University of Hong Kong during January 9-12, 2002. More than 120 participants from Asian-American-European countries had attended the conference with fruitful achievements. This series of conferences had also been held in Shanghai (2004 China), Hokkaido (2006 Japan), Daejeon (2009 Korea), Hong Kong (2010 China). The participants come from all over the world. Therefore this ICIP2012 in Nanjing is the sixth international conference on inverse problems. For more details see

Oct 21-26, 2012 Computational Inverse Problems Workshop at Oberwolfach, Germany

An international workshop on computational inverse problems is taking place in the mathematical research institute Oberwolfach in southern Germany, organized by Habib Ammari, Paris, Liliana Borcea, Houston, Thorsten Hohage, Goettingen and Barbara Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt.

Oct 8-11, 2012 International Symposium on Data Assimilation (ISDA2012)

Data Assimilation is concerned with the reconstruction of the state of a dynamical system from measured data. This is a key ingredient for important applications, for example for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) or predictions of Climate Change. The International Symposium on Data Assimilation brings together new and well established researchers in the field both in algorithmic developments as well as upcoming measurement devices and techniques. In a framework which consists of keynote lectures by selected international experts in the field, invited talks, tutorials, a seminar day on meteorological satellites and an extended poster session (please register!) we aim to have time for mutual exchange and discussions in a relaxed and stimulating environment at the Conference Area Blue of the headquarters of Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach.

The conference Webpage can be found at events_isda2012. The schedule with links to all presentations has been moved to

Sept 17, 2012: Metop-B Satellite Launched

On September 17, 2012 the Metop-B Satellite was successfully launched at 18:28 CEST (22:28 Baikonur time), Metop-B was successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a Soyuz 2.1a rocket. For more information see at the website of Eumetsat

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