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Bayesian Analysis and Neural Information Processing Systems

Sept 1, 2014. The International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) is pleased to announce its new initiative ISBA@NIPS, an initiative aimed at highlighting the importance and impact of Bayesian methods in the new era of data science.

Among the first actions of this initiative, ISBA is endorsing a number of Bayesian satellite workshops at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conference , that will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 8-13, 2014.

Furthermore, a special ISBA@NIPS Travel Award will be granted to the best Bayesian invited and contributed paper(s) among all the ISBA endorsed workshops.

ISBA endorsed workshops at NIPS

  1. ABC in Montreal. This workshop will include topics on: Applications of ABC to machine learning, e.g., computer vision, other inverse problems (RL); ABC Reinforcement Learning (other inverse problems); Machine learning models of simulations, e.g., NN models of simulation responses, GPs etc.; Selection of sufficient statistics and massive dimension reduction methods; Online and post-hoc error; ABC with very expensive simulations and acceleration methods (surrogate modeling, choice of design/simulation points). More information at
  2. Networks: From Graphs to Rich Data. This workshop aims to bring together a diverse and cross-disciplinary set of researchers to discuss recent advances and future directions for developing new network methods in statistics and machine learning. More information at
  3. Advances in Variational Inference. This workshop aims at highlighting recent advancements in variational methods, including new methods for scalability using stochastic gradient methods, , extensions to the streaming variational setting, improved local variational methods, inference in non-linear dynamical systems, principled regularisation in deep neural networks, and inference-based decision making in reinforcement learning, amongst others. More information at
  4. Women in Machine Learning (WiML 2014). This is a day-long workshop that gives female faculty, research scientists, and graduate students in the machine learning community an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Underrepresented minorities and undergraduates interested in machine learning research are encouraged to attend. More information at **

ISBA@NIPS Travel Award

The ISBA Program Council will grant two ISBA special Travel Award to two selected young participants, one in the category of *Invited Paper* and one in the category of *Contributed Paper*. Each Travel Award will be of at most 1000 USD. Organisers of ISBA endorsed workshops at NIPS are all invited to proposed candidates.


  1. Only participants of ISBA-endorsed Workshops at NIPS will be considered.
  2. The recipients should be graduate students or junior researchers (up to five years after graduation) presenting at the workshop.
  3. The recipients should be ISBA members at the moment of receiving the award.

Application procedure

  1. The organizers of ISBA-endorsed Workshops at NIPS who wish to apply, select one or two candidates and postulate them as candidates to the ISBA Program Council by no later than:
    1. September the 5th, 2014 (for the category of Invited Paper)
    2. October the 29th, 2014 (for the category of Contributed Paper)
  2. The ISBA Program Council selects the two winners among the candidates proposed by all ISBA-endorsed Workshops.
  3. The outcome of the above procedure will be communicated to the Workshop Organisers by no later than:
    1. September the 9th, 2014 (for the category of Invited Paper)
    2. November the 7th, 2014 (for the category of Contributed Paper)

The winners will present a special ISBA@NIPS Travel Award recipient as seminar at the workshops at NIPS.

For further information send an email to either or (ISBA Program Chair)

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