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Outdated information on old BACY versions

Installation of BACY - version Nov 18 2015

HOME : the home directory where the scripts should be located, e.g. /hpc/uhome/USER/experiments/bacy/kenda . Typically, this path is the one created with svn

COSMO: the directory where you want to put your results in

OLD : directory of an old user who already has installed kenda bacy and where mk_dirs is located, in e.g. /hpc/uhome/USER/bacy/kenda

OLD_COSMO: COSMO-directory of an old user who already has installed kenda bacy

install and set up directory tree:

configure scripts now:

  • cd config/
  • cmp $OLD/config/
  • emacs :
  • * adapt script by replacing your username in TOP_DIR and RUN_DIR, BC_DIR, DATA_DIR, FEED_DIR
  • * adapt script by setting the user in OBS_DIR to hreich, e.g. OBS_DIR=/e/uhome/hreich/work/cosmo_letkf/obs
  • * adapt script by setting LAFINI = true (just if you have not run LETKF yet)
  • * adapt script by setting ICON_DIR=/e/uwork1/for3cre/ieda31/data
  • diff $OLD/config/
  • emacs : adapt script
  • diff $OLD/config/
  • emacs : adapt script
  • emacs run_cosmo & :
  • * outcomment “cp /e/uhome/hreich/work/cosmo_letkf/data/soil_test/laf20140517000000.det_out {RUN_DIR_COSMO}/det/laf{DATE}”
  • * outcomment “cp /e/uhome/hreich/work/cosmo_letkf/data/soil_test/laf20140517000000.{Iens}_out {RUN_DIR_COSMO}/ens${Iens}/laf{DATE}”
  • cd ../template ; cp OLD/template/lmrun_sx9_de_template ./ : copy template from old user

configure $COSMO tree:

  • cd $COSMO
  • cd cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo/ens001
  • ls -ltr : check whether tree is empty
  • cd $COSMO/cosmo_letkf/bcdata
  • mkdir const_nest
  • cd const_nest/
  • cp $OLD_COSMO/cosmo_letkf/bcdata/const_nest/* ./

continue configure scripts

  • cd $HOME/scripts
  • diff run_int2lm $OLD/scripts/run_int2lm : check whether there are differences (probably)
  • cp $OLD/scripts/run_int2lm ./
  • emacs run_int2lm
  • cd ../templates/
  • diff runicon2de_template $OLD/templates/runicon2de_template : check whether there are differences (probably)
  • cp $OLD/templates/runicon2de_template ./
  • diff lmrun_sx9_de_template $OLD/templates/lmrun_sx9_de_template : check whether there are differences (probably)
  • cp $OLD/templates/lmrun_sx9_de_template ./
  • diff namelist_letkf_template $OLD/templates/namelist_letkf_template : check whether there are differences (probably)
  • cp $OLD/templates/namelist_letkf_template .

move back to $COSMO tree:

  • cd $COSMO/cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo
  • cp $OLD_COSMO/cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo/blklsttmp ./
  • cd ../letkf
  • cp $OLD_COSMO/cosmo_letkf/rundir/letkf/PBS80-2 ./

In the plot shell run_plots , the script plotjob is called where parts of the YU* files are converted to plots applying gnuplot. Since current versions of gnuplot do not support anymore the command set terminal png medium, please modify it in plotjob to

#set terminal png medium
set terminal png 


Installation of BACY - version Feb 2016

Remark: We use the same notation as above.


  • Do the svn checkout, see above.
  • Check mk_dirs in $HOME, modify it and run it.
  • Copy old const_nest directory $OLD_COSMO/cosmo_letkf/bcdata/const_nest into your cosmo_letkf/bcdata/const_nest
  • Provide observation data (e.g. by setting links, copying or extracting data from the data base) in cosmo_letkf/obs.
  • Copy or move the blklsttmp file from $HOME into cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo/
  • Copy or move the PBS80-2 file from $HOME into cosmo_letkf/rundir/letkf/

Some script, configuration or template files in $HOME have to be modified before you can run your experiments:

In the directory scripts:

  • run_cosmo: comment the lines with 'cp /e/uhome/hreich/work…'
  • plotjob: search for 'set terminal png' and delete the additional 'medium'

In the directory config:

  • config_cycle: Insert your experiment setup, modify paths and set 'SST=false'
  • config_letkf: RHO_DATE has to be later then your initial date for your experiment

In the directory templates:

  • lmrun_sx9_template: Set 'lseaice=.false.', maybe you also have to delete H_ICE, T_ICE and ALB_DEF from the 'yvarml'-block. Insert the radar specific configurations if you want to run experiments with radar data (see below).
  • namelist_letkf_template: comment the 'Model error'-block, comment the lines starting with '%fs%'. Insert the radar specific configurations if you want to run experiments with radar data (see below).


Running BACY

  • cd $HOME/scripts
  • emacs ./run_cycle : edit file
  • ./run_cycle

Example for data to be fixed in config_cycle: DATE_INI=20140525000000 DATE_END=20140525030000

Extensions of BACY

The script system fails to exit if a fatal error occurs in a subscript. For instance, if the COSMO binary aborts, one may detect this in the sub script run_cosmo and calls exit, however the main script run_cycle continues working. To make the main script run_cycle stop if the sub script detects an error, one can check on the return code just after the sub script call. This code is stored in \$? , where \$?=0 denotes no error while \$? !=0 indicates an error in the corresponding last command. To this end, the main script run_cycle may catch this error by, e.g.,

test $returncode -ne 0 && { echo "!!!!!!!!! ERROR in run_plots script ! Abort !!" ; exit ; }


Cloning of BACY

To make a copy of an existing working bacy, you have to clone all necessary files into a new home directory HOME_NEW and COSMO_NEW:

  1. cp -r \$HOME \$HOME_NEW
  2. cd \$HOME
  3. modify OWNHOME and set it to HOME_NEW
  4. ./mk_dirs
  5. cp -r \$COSMO/cosmo_letkf/bcdata/const_nest \$COSMO_NEW/cosmo_letkf/bcdata/const_nest
  6. cp \$COSMO/cosmo_letkf/rundir/letkf/PBS80-2 \$COSMO_NEW/cosmo_letkf/rundir/letkf/
  7. cp \$COSMO/cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo/blklsttmp \$COSMO_NEW/cosmo_letkf/rundir/cosmo
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