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   * TOPROF Specific Webpage: http://​​   * TOPROF Specific Webpage: http://​​
   * COSTAction Website: http://​​domains_actions/​essem/​Actions/​ES1303   * COSTAction Website: http://​​domains_actions/​essem/​Actions/​ES1303
 +==== TOPROF NWP Working Group 2014-01-12 ====
 +The TOPROF-NWP Working Group deals with the use the new data in NWP, e.g.
 +  * for evaluation of the representation of aerosols in NWP,
 +  * for clouds,
 +  * for winds and the boundary layer,
 +  * for temperature and humidity profiles and liquid water path.
 +=== Workplan 2014 ===
 +  * Develop the participation in the TOPROF-NWP working group by contacting NMHSs and current researchers of the COST action (currently the majority of participants comes from the data side) (Jan-March).
 +  * Meeting in Paverne in March 2014 for coordination and development:​ start to evaluate the current state of data availability and data characteristics and discuss data quality criteria with respect to NWP with other working groups.
 +  * Prepare a document which reflects the current state of instruments for observing weather and climate from ground up, based on previous recent documents, specific to the current tasks of the TOPROF Network and targeted towards NWP groups. (March-May)
 +  * Contact groups in NMHSs in Europe and communicate to exchange about the current use of instruments in NWP. (May-October)
 +  * Organize an expert meeting to exchange about the current use of instruments (fall 2014).
 +  * Prepare and deliver a report on the current use of the instruments in NWP (M3) (Nov-Dec).
 +Material and links to groups will be made available via the TOPROF Webpage and in a flexible way on http://​​toprof_nwp
 +=== Remarks and Plans for the upcoming years: ===
 +  * Discuss with NWP users their precise data requirements and the need for errors.
 +  * Recommend techniques for comparing observations (O) with model data (B).
 +  * Discuss precise form of data formats with NMHSs (joint with other WGs). (M9).
 +  * Establish O-B statistics for the three classes of instruments (M13).
 +  * Meeting with NWP users on use of data for evaluation and assimilation (M20).
 +We intend to check a collaboration with the “International Symposium on Data Assimilation 2015”, perhaps integrated as the COST Action ES1206 on the Symposium 2014 in Munich, compare http://​​program/​index.html.
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